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Expert Craftsmanship for Your Next Project

Along with being an expert painter, Bronson Zsigray excels in a variety of areas that makes Quality Perfections invaluable for your next project. Sitting on an idea for your home or business?

Explore our additional services below by hovering over each tile. 

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Industrial Painting

Quality Perfections is a very versatile industrial painter. We can tackle industrial buildings of all types, manufacturing plants & factories, silos, storage tanks, equipment, machines, steel structures, and anything else in the industrial purview.

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Deck and Fence Restoration

Wooden fences and decks are no match for the unforgiving weather in Northeast Ohio. Breathe new life into your outdoor wooden surfaces with Quality Perfections. We can restore decks and fences to boost value and protect against Ohio's harsh winters.

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Siding Restoration and Refinishing

Your building's siding is the first thing people see when they drive by your property. We can restore and refinish siding to boost color, reduce fading, and protect your residential or commercial investment. Plus, we boost your property's curb appeal.

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Concrete Staining

While concrete is in all construction projects, its bland color does not add much flair to your property. Plus, raw concrete is no match to Cleveland's weather. Quality Protections can stain your concrete to add color and protect it for years to come.

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Wall Coverings Installation and Removal

Is there an old wall covering in your living room that you want to go? Or, did you find a bold pattern to install throughout your home? Quality Perfections can properly install coverings or remove existing ones, along with their strong glues.

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Drywall Repair

Just like all parts of your property, drywall is victim to wear and tear over time. From small holes to dents to nail pops, Quality Perfections can repair and restore your property's drywall. We can also install light drywall replacement finishes and textures.

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Epoxy Floor Coatings

Protect your commercial floors with an epoxy floor coating. Quality Perfections can apply an epoxy floor coating to boost safety and ensure its longevity through daily use. A proper epoxy installation is critical to ensure it holds up to heavy loads.

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Roofing Painting and Restoration

In Northeast Ohio, it's typical for roofs to fall into disrepair or require refinishing after a while. We can restore your roof to look like new again and protect everything that lies underneath. Or, we can also paint your roof to add new value.

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Power and Pressure Washing

From a home exterior to concrete to fences, Quality Perfections can take on any power washing project. Highlight your property's intrinsic beauty with a solid power washing by removing stains, mildrew, and other substances that attach to surfaces over time.

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